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Boiler Steel Sheet & Plate Manufacturer & Supplier in Dubai, UAE.

Boiler Steel Plate Supplier in Dubai, Boiler Quality Steel Plates Exporter and Stockist in Dubai, ASTM A516 Grade 60 Boiler Plate Manufacturer in Dubai, UAE.

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Explore our Boiler Steel Sheet & Plate collection, which is designed to meet various industrial needs with reliability and durability. Engineered for precision and adaptability, our range ensures quality and resilience. Each sheet and plate is made to industry standards for exceptional strength in demanding applications. We prioritize customer satisfaction with tailored solutions, competitive pricing, and prompt delivery. Elevate your projects with our dependable products, supported by a commitment to excellence.

Boiler Steel Sheet & Plate Specifications

Standard: ASTM A516 / ASME SA 516 Gr 60 / 65/ 70
Width: 1000mm-4500mm
Thickness: 5mm-150mm
Length: 3000mm-18000mm
Supply Condition : As Rolled, Normalized Rolling, Furnace Normalizing, Vacuum Degassing, Simulated Post-Weld Heat Treatment or as per customer requirement.
Impact tested : -52° C
Tempering: Notch toughness can be improved by quenched cooling from hot rolling or normalizing by the supplier. If such a faster cooling rate is agreed upon between purchaser and supplier then the steel is also to be tempered at 1200 F.
Applications : Used for weld fabrication of pressure vessels that require improved notch toughness for lower than ambient temperature service.
Process of Manufacturing : Hot-Rolled (HR)

Boiler Steel Sheet & Plate Chemical Composition

C Mn P max S max Si max
t < 12.5 mm 12.5mm < t =50mm 50mm < t ≤ 100mm 100mm < t ≤ 200mm t < 200 mm t < 12.5 mm t 12s.5 mm
A516 Grade 55 0.18 0.2 0.22 0.24 0.26 06-09 0.55-0.98 0.035 0.035 0.15-0.4
A516 Grade 60 0.21 0.23 0.25 0.27 0.27 06-09 0.85-1.2 0.035 0.035 0.15-0.4
A516 Grade 65 0.24 0.26 0.28 0.29 0.29 0.85-1.2 0.85-1.2 0.035 0.035 0.15-0.4
A516 Grade 70 0.27 0.28 0.3 0.31 0.31 0.85-1.2 0.85-1.2 0.035 0.035 0.15-0.4

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Boiler Steel Sheet & Plate Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength (ksi) Tensile Strength (MPa) Yield Strength (ksi) Yield Strength (MPa) Elongation in 200mm(%) Elongation in 50mm(%)
A516 Grade 55 55-75 380-515 30 205 23 27
A516 Grade 60 60-80 415-550 32 220 21 25
A516 Grade 65 65-85 450-585 35 240 19 23
A516 Grade 70 70-90 485-620 38 260 17 21

Top Boiler Steel Sheet & Plate Manufacturing Company in Dubai

At PipingMart, we take pride in being the largest supplier and manufacturer in the UAE, offering cutting-edge solutions for all your piping needs. With state-of-the-art production plants strategically located in the UAE, we boast a vast inventory of over 25,000 tons of premium-quality materials readily available in stock.

Boiler Steel Sheet & Plate Grades​

  • Boiler Steel SA 516 Grade 60 Sheet & Plate
  • Boiler Steel SA 516 Grade 65 Sheet & Plate
  • Boiler Steel SA 516 Grade 70 Sheet & Plate
  • Hic Resistant Steel Sheet & Plate

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We offer These Boiler Steel Sheet & Plate as per DIN, ISO, JIS or ANSI Standard.

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Advantages of Boiler Steel Sheet & Plate

Boiler Steel Sheet & Plate
  • High Strength: Boiler steel is designed to withstand high pressure and temperature conditions, thus requiring high tensile strength and toughness. This ensures the boiler’s structural integrity under extreme operating conditions.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Boiler steel is often alloyed with chromium, molybdenum, and nickel to enhance its corrosion resistance. This is crucial for maintaining the boiler’s longevity, especially when exposed to water and steam.
  • Heat Resistance: These materials are specifically formulated to withstand elevated temperatures without losing their mechanical properties. They exhibit excellent creep resistance, ensuring long-term performance under continuous heating cycles.
  • Weldability: Boiler steel is generally designed for easy fabrication and welding, allowing for efficient construction of boiler components without compromising structural integrity. This facilitates manufacturing and enables precise customization according to specific boiler designs.
  • Versatility: Boiler steel is available in various grades and thicknesses, offering versatility in design and application. For traditional fire-tube boilers or modern water-tube boilers, boiler steel is suitable for meeting specific requirements.

Types of Boiler Steel Sheet & Plate

Boiler Quality Plates
Boiler Quality Plates
Boiler steel plates
Boiler steel plates
EN 10028 BQ Sheet
EN 10028 BQ Sheet
High Quality 2MM Black Iron Boiler plates
High Quality 2MM Black Iron Boiler plates
60mm thick astm a537 pressure vessel boiler Sheets
60mm thick astm a537 pressure vessel boiler Sheets
60mm thick astm a537 pressure vessel boiler Sheets
2mm Boiler steel Plates

Boiler Steel Sheet & Plate Uses

Application Industry

Boiler Steel Sheet & Plate applications are as diverse as the industries they serve driven primarily by the aerospace, railway, construction and automotive industries with petrochemical, nuclear, medical, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Nuclear, Thermal Power plants, Paper and Pulp, marine and mining, etc.

Oil & Gas Industry

Aviation Industry

Petro Chemical Industry

Power Generation Industry

Are Boiler Steel Sheet & Plate recyclable?

Yes, boiler steel sheets and plates are recyclable. They can be melted down and reused in various industrial applications, reducing the need for virgin materials. Recycling helps conserve resources and minimizes environmental impact.

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