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ASTM B166 Inconel 600 Fasteners Suppliers In UAE, Alloy 600 Fasteners Manufacturer In Dubai, UAE.

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An Inconel 600 fasteners manufacturer is a dedicated company focused on custom-built hardware components like bolts, screws, nuts, washers, and studs from the resilient Inconel 600 alloy. These fasteners find widespread application across industries owing to the remarkable attributes of Inconel 600, including outstanding resistance to corrosion in extreme environments, exceptional strength at elevated temperatures, and superb oxidation resistance. They play a critical role in sectors demanding reliability under harsh conditions, such as aerospace, chemical processing, and marine engineering.

Inconel 600 Fasteners Specifications

SpecificationsASTM B166 / ASME SB166
Fasteners sizeBolt / Screw Size : M3 – M56 | 3/6″ to 2″ | Custom Sizes Nuts Size : M3 – M56 | 3/6″ to 2″ | Custom Sizes Washers Size : M3 – M56 | 3/6″ to 2″ | Custom Sizes Machine Screws Size : M1.6 – M12 Self Tapping Screw Size : No.2 – No. 14
Fasteners Length3 mm to 200 mm
Fastener ThreadsUNF, BSW, BSF, METRIC, UNC or as required
Standard of High Nickel Alloy FastenersDIN : DIN 934, DIN 931, DIN 970, DIN 933 UTS : UNEF, NPT, UNC, UNS, UNF, NPTF ISO : JIS standards, ISO 4033, ISO 4032, ANSI – American National Standards Institute ASME B18.5 ANSI B 28.2.4 1M as per defined in ASME B16.5 standard Stud Bolt length ANSI B 18.2.4 2M as per defined in ASME B18.2.2 Hex nuts
DimensionsDIN 931, 933, 934, 7991, 976, 125, ASME B18.2.1, B18.3
Surface CoatingPtfe Coated High Nickel Alloy Fasteners Phosphate Coating Teflon Coating Zinc Coating Hot Dipped Galvanizing Coating Cadmium Coating Xylon Coating
Fasteners FinishingHigh Nickel Alloy : Self-Colour, Passivated, Bright Zinc Plated (BZP), Hot Dip Galvanised (HDG), High Nickel Alloy, Sherardized, some special one like DACROMET Geometry and Mechanically Applied coating ,Dacroment, nickel plated, anodizing, plated zinc-nickel Zinc (blue, black, yellow, white), black oxide.

Inconel 600 Fasteners Chemical Composition

Inconel 6000.15 max1.00 max0.50 max0.015max0.50 max6.00 – 10.0072.00 min14.00 – 17.00

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Inconel 600 Fasteners Mechanical Properties

ElementDensityMelting PointTensile StrengthYield Strength (0.2%Offset)Elongation
Inconel 6008.47 g/cm31413 °C (2580 °F)Psi – 95,000 , MPa – 655Psi – 45,000 , MPa – 31040 %

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Advantages of Inconel 600 Fasteners

Advantages of Inconel 600 Fasteners
  1. Corrosion Resistance: Inconel 600 fasteners are highly corrosion-resistant in shrinking and oxidizing environments. This makes them suitable for use in harsh or hot environments such as chemical plants, marine environments, and nuclear reactors.

  2. High Temperature: Inconel 600 retains its strength at high temperatures, making it suitable for applications where fasteners are exposed to high temperatures, such as gas turbines, aerospace components and furnace components

  3. Oxidation resistance: The alloy forms a dense, passivating oxide layer at high temperatures, providing excellent oxidation resistance. This property makes it suitable for use where binders are exposed to high temperatures in oxidizing environments.

  4. Excellent mechanical performance: Inconel 600 exhibits excellent mechanical performance over various temperatures. It maintains its strength and stability even at cryogenic temperatures, making it suitable for applications where fasteners may experience large temperature fluctuations.

  5. Versatility: Inconel 600 fasteners are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications in a variety of industries, including aerospace, chemical applications, marine and power generation

  6. Dimensional stability: Inconel 600 has excellent dimensional stability, ensuring that the shape and size of the fasteners are maintained even when subjected to high temperatures or thermal cycles

Types of Inconel 600 Fasteners


ASME SB166 Inconel Alloy 600 Fasteners Supplier in Dubai, UAE.

Inconel 600 Fasteners Uses

Application Industry

Inconel 600 Fasteners manufactured by reputable companies find widespread industrial use across various sectors. These fasteners, crafted from Inconel Fasteners , are prized for their exceptional corrosion resistance, making them a preferred choice for applications exposed to harsh environments, especially marine and offshore settings. Industries such as shipbuilding, offshore oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, and desalination plants rely on Inconel fasteners for their reliability and longevity.

Offshore Oil and Gas

Aviation Industry

Chemical Processing

Power Generation Industry

  • Chemical applications: Inconel 600 fasteners are widely used in the chemical industry in reactor vessels, heat exchangers, and piping systems where environmental resistance to temperature and humidity is required. It goes upwards

  • Aerospace: Inconel 600 fasteners find applications in aerospace engineering for components with high temperatures and aggressive environments, such as turbine engines, exhaust systems and combustion chambers

  • Power applications: Inconel 600 fasteners are used in power plants for applications such as boilers, heat exchangers and steam turbine components, where resistance to high temperatures, steam and corrosion is required

  • Petrochemical Industries: Fasteners made from Inconel 600 are used for valves, pump fittings and other equipment in petrochemical plants, where resistance to chemical corrosion and high temperatures is critical.

  • Marine Applications: Inconel 600 fasteners are used in marine environments where saltwater corrosion and exposure to high temperatures, such as offshore drilling and seawater discharge systems, are major concerns.

  • Heat Treatment: Inconel 600 fasteners are used in the heat treatment of furnaces and appliances because of their resistance to high temperatures and resistance to oxidation and carburization

How to Choose the Right Inconel 600 Fasteners

  • Understand your application requirements: Identify specific conditions in which fasteners will be used. Consider temperature, pressure, corrosion resistance, and mechanical load.

  • Compatibility: Verify that Inconel 600 is suitable for your application. This nickel-chromium alloy is known for its excellent resistance to high temperatures and corrosion, so it is suitable for a wide range of environments, including extreme temperatures and debris.

  • Fastener Type: Decide on the type of fastener you need, such as bolts, nuts, screws, or studs, based on the requirements of the application and the connection.

  • Size and Quantity: Based on application design and assembly requirements, specify the required fastener size, length, thickness, and thread specifications.

  • Strength Requirements: Ensure that the selected packaging materials meet your application’s strength and load requirements. Inconel 600 provides high strength and excellent mechanical properties, but choosing the right fasteners and sizes is important to handle the expected loads.

Are Inconel 600 fasteners susceptible to galvanic corrosion?

Inconel 600 fasteners are resistant to galvanic corrosion when paired with compatible materials. However, when in contact with dissimilar metals in certain environments, galvanic corrosion may occur. Proper insulation or the use of insulation. coatings can mitigate this risk in such applications.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can Inconel 600 fasteners be used for underground applications?

Inconel 600 fasteners are generally not recommended for underground applications due to their susceptibility to corrosion in certain soil conditions. Stainless steel or corrosion-resistant alloys are better suited for such environments. However, with proper protective coatings or insulation, they may be used in specific underground applications with caution.

Are Inconel 600 fasteners suitable for hygienic and sanitary applications?

Inconel 600 fasteners are not typically recommended for hygienic and sanitary applications due to concerns about potential contamination and compatibility with food or pharmaceutical processing. Stainless steel fasteners with polished surfaces and FDA-approved coatings are preferred for such applications to ensure cleanliness and compliance with regulatory standards.


How do I select the right Inconel 600 fasteners for my application?

Select Inconel 600 fasteners by understanding your application’s requirements, considering factors like temperature, corrosion resistance, and mechanical loads. Choose appropriate sizes, types, and grades, ensuring compliance with industry standards. Consult reliable suppliers for guidance on material compatibility and performance in your specific environment.

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