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Embark on an extraordinary journey towards excellent reliability and resilience with our Inconel 601 Bolts, prominently showcased on our product pages. We offer a diverse array of premium-grade solutions carefully custom-built to meet the dynamic requirements of industries globally. Step into a domain of excellent adaptability and endurance with our carefully tailored products designed for an extensive range of industrial applications. Our offerings epitomize precisely engineered designs adhering to the most stringent industry benchmarks, prioritizing extended lifespan and robust resistance against corrosion. As a revered provider, customer contentment remains our utmost priority, reflected through our adaptable options, competitive pricing, and expedited delivery services. Whether in aerospace, chemical processing, or high-temperature settings, our Inconel 601 Bolts symbolize excellence and ingenuity, ensuring unmatched performance. Our unwavering dedication to perfection fortifies your enterprise with steadfast solutions, ensuring triumph and assurance in every interaction.

Inconel 601 Bolts Specifications

GradeInconel 601 (UNS N06601)
SpecificationsASTM B166
DimensionDIN, ASTM, BS and all International Standards
LengthM02 to M33
Size3 mm to 200 mm | Custom Sizes
TypesU- Bolts, J Bolts, Mushroom Head Square Neck Bolts, Bolts, Stud Bolts, Hex Head Bolts, Socket Hexagon Head Screw Anchor Bolt, T-Head Bolts, Eye Bolt, Foundation Bolts, Structural Bolts etc.

Mechanical Properties of Inconel 601 Bolts

ElementDensityMelting PointTensile StrengthYield Strength (0.2%Offset)ElongationHardness (Brinell)
Inconel 6018.1 g/cm31411 °C (2571 °F)Psi – 80,000 , MPa – 550Psi – 30,000 , MPa – 20530 %

Inconel 600 Bolts Chemical Composition

Inconel 60158.0 – 63.00.10 max1.0 max1.0 max0.015 max0.5 max21.0 – 25.0Balance

Top Inconel 601 Bolts Manufacturing Company in Dubai

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We offer These Inconel 601 Bolts as per DIN, ISO, JIS or ANSI Standard.

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Advantages of Inconel 601 Bolts

Advantages of Inconel 601 Bolts
  • High-Temperature Resistance: Inconel 601 is engineered to withstand high temperatures, making it ideal for applications in harsh environments such as gas turbine components, furnace installations, and appliances is a temperature.

  • Water resistance: This bolt exhibits excellent corrosion resistance in harsh environments, including high-temperature oxidation and carburization resistance. This characteristic makes it suitable for applications where corrosive materials are to be placed in concern, as are the pharmaceutical industry and the marine environment

  • Oxidation Resistance: Inconel 601 bolts resist oxidation at high temperatures, maintaining their mechanical properties even in oxidizing environments

  • Resistance to creep: Resistance to creep deformation under high temperatures and stresses is another advantage, ensuring the integrity and reliability of connections over time in power generation, aerospace and other applications

  • Superior mechanical properties: In addition to high-temperature capability, Inconel 601 has superior mechanical properties at ambient and elevated temperatures, providing strength and rigidity under demanding operating conditions

Types of Inconel 601 Bolts

Inconel 601 Machine screw in UAE
Inconel 601 Machine screw
Inconel 601 cap screw in UAE
Inconel 601 cap screw
Inconel Alloy 601 rod in UAE
Inconel Alloy 601 rod

Inconel 601 Head Square Neck Bolts Price In UAE, Inconel 601 Bent Bolts Manufacturers in Dubai, UAE.

Inconel 601 Bolts Uses

Application Industry

Inconel 601 Bolts applications are as diverse as the industries they serve driven primarily by the aerospace, railway, construction and automotive industries with petrochemical, nuclear, medical, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Nuclear, Thermal Power plants, Paper and Pulp, marine and mining, etc.

Oil & Gas Industry

Aviation Industry

Petro Chemical Industry

Power Generation Industry

  • Aerospace Applications: Aircraft engines use Inconel 601 bolts, which can withstand the extreme temperatures and pressures encountered in flight

  • Petrochemical Industry: Used in equipment such as heat exchangers, furnace components, catalytic crackers, etc., in petrochemical plants where high temperatures and corrosive atmospheres are common

  • Power generation: Inconel 601 bolts find applications in gas turbine components, exhaust systems and boiler fixtures in power generation facilities due to their resistance to high-temperature oxidation and thermal cycling

  • Chemical Uses: Inconel 601 bolts are used in reactors, piping systems, and other equipment in chemical plants where corrosive chemicals and high temperatures are common.

  • Heat Treatment: Inconel 601 bolts are used in heat treatment ovens and stationary areas where they are required to maintain mechanical strength and resist deformation at high temperatures

How to Choose the Right Inconel 601 Bolts

  • Understand your needs: Determine the specific application for which you need the bolt. Consider temperature, pressure, corrosion resistance, and mechanical strength requirements.

  • Compatibility: Inconel 601 is a nickel-chromium alloy known for its excellent resistance to high-temperature corrosion and oxidation. Ensure this material is suitable for the area where the bolts will be used.

  • Size and Quantity: List the size and dimensions of bolts required for your application, including thread size, length, diameter, and headway. If necessary, consider technical standards or specifications.

  • Corrosion Resistance: One of the main reasons for choosing Inconel 601 bolts is their exceptional corrosion resistance, especially in hot environments. Make sure the bolts withstand the specific corrosive elements of your application.

  • Temperature and Pressure Analysis: Consider the bolts’ contact temperature and stress conditions. Ensure that the selected bolt has the correct temperature and pressure levels for your application to ensure long-term reliability and safety.

Are Inconel 601 Bolts recyclable?

Yes, Inconel 601 bolts are recyclable. Inconel alloys, including 601, are highly recyclable due to their composition of nickel, chromium, and iron, which can be extracted and reused through various recycling processes, contributing to sustainability and resource conservation in industrial applications.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the considerations for installing Inconel 601 bolts?

When installing Inconel 601 bolts, consider their excellent high-temperature strength, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance. Ensure proper torque specifications to prevent overloading or underloading. Lubricate threads for ease of installation and use compatible materials to prevent galvanic corrosion. Follow manufacturer guidelines for optimal performance and longevity.

Can Inconel 601 Bolts be used for underground applications?

Inconel 601 bolts are not typically recommended for underground applications due to their susceptibility to corrosion in certain environments, particularly those containing moisture and acidic substances. For underground use, consider alternative materials with superior corrosion resistance such as stainless steel or corrosion-resistant alloys specifically designed for such conditions.

Can Inconel 601 Bolts be used for structural applications?

Inconel 601 bolts are not typically recommended for structural applications requiring high strength and load-bearing capacity. While they offer excellent high-temperature and corrosion resistance properties, other materials like steel or titanium are preferred for structural purposes due to their superior strength and structural integrity.

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