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Inconel 718 Countersunk Slotted Bolts Price In UAE, Inconel UNS N07718 Machine Bolts Manufacturer In Dubai, UAE.

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Embark on a transformative journey towards excellent reliability and resilience with our Inconel 718 Bolts, prominently showcased on our product pages. custom-built with precision and expertise, our premium-grade solutions cater to the diverse demands of industries worldwide, setting new standards in durability and versatility. Engineered to excel in the most challenging environments, our custom-built products epitomize innovation, offering steadfast performance across aerospace, chemical processing, and high-temperature applications. Adhering to the most stringent industry norms, our meticulously designed Inconel 718 Bolts prioritize longevity and corrosion resistance, ensuring unwavering operational excellence. At the core of our ethos lies a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction, reflected in our flexible options, competitive pricing, and swift delivery services. Trust in our expertise to fortify your business with steadfast solutions, instilling unwavering confidence and success in every endeavor.

Inconel 718 Bolts Specifications


Inconel Alloy 718






3 mm
200 mm

M02 to M33

Mechanical Properties of Inconel 718 Bolts

Temperature, °F70
Ultimate Tensile Strength, ksi202
0.2 % Yield Strength, ksi170

Inconel 718 Bolts Chemical Composition

 NiCrFeMo Ti AlSiCuMnCb+TaCB
MIN52.018.019.0 3.0 0.009
MAXBalance – – 0.35 0.10.35 –

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We offer These Inconel 718 Bolts as per DIN, ISO, JIS or ANSI Standard.

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Advantages of Inconel 718 Bolts

Advantages of Inconel 718 Bolts
  • High-Temperature Resistance: Inconel 718 bolts retain their strength and integrity at elevated temperatures, making them suitable for use in hazardous environments such as aerospace engines, gas turbines and nuclear reactors

  • Water resistance: They exhibit excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation even in harsh environments, including chemical, acidic, and salt water. This corrosion resistance is particularly useful for marine and coastal applications.

  • Strength and Durability: Inconel 718 bolts have superior tensile and yield strength, providing a reliable fastening solution in critical applications where structural integrity is paramount. They are known for their fatigue resistance, which is important in applications subjected to cyclic loads.

  • Anti-creep properties: High thermal absorption makes the material ideal for applications where prolonged exposure to high pressure and temperature conditions is expected, such as in high-pressure steam systems and gas turbine engines in

  • Versatility: These bolts can be used in a variety of industries, such as aerospace, automotive, chemical processing and power generation, as they have a variety of material combinations that make them suitable for a variety of applications

Types of Inconel 718 Bolts

Inconel 718 Machine screw in UAE
Inconel 718 Machine screw
Inconel 718 hex cap screw
Inconel 718 Step Bolt in UAE
Inconel 718 Step Bolt

ASTM B637 UNS N07718 Bolts Price In UAE, Inconel 718 Bolts Exporter In UAE, Inconel UNS N07718 Bolts Manufacturer In Dubai, UAE.

Inconel 718 Bolts Uses

Application Industry

Inconel 718 Bolts applications are as diverse as the industries they serve driven primarily by the aerospace, railway, construction and automotive industries with petrochemical, nuclear, medical, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Nuclear, Thermal Power plants, Paper and Pulp, marine and mining, etc.

Oil & Gas Industry

Aviation Industry

Petro Chemical Industry

Power Generation Industry

  • Aerospace Industry: Due to excellent strength at high temperatures, corrosion resistance and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, Inconel 718 bolts are widely used in aerospace. Use applications in aircraft engines, gas turbine components, rocket engines, and other critical aerospace systems.

  • Gas turbines: Gas turbine engines use Inconel 718 bolts injected with high temperatures and a hot atmosphere. They are used in critical areas such as turbine blades, compressor sections, and exhaust systems.

  • Oil and Gas Industry: Inconel 718 bolts are used in oil and gas exploration and production, where high temperatures, pressure, and corrosive atmospheres are common. They are used in downhole drilling tools, wellhead equipment, pipelines, and other applications.

  • Chemical applications: Inconel 718 bolts are used in chemical plants where corrosion resistance and high temperatures are required. They are also used in equipment such as reactors, heat exchangers, and piping systems for handling corrosive chemicals.

  • Power generation: Inconel 718 bolts are used in power generation applications, including nuclear and conventional power plants using fossil fuels or renewable energy. They are also used in turbine parts, steam generators, and other critical components in high-temperature and corrosive environments.

How to Choose the Right Inconel 718 Bolts

  • Understand your application requirements: Determine the environment where the bolts will be used. Consider temperature, pressure, corrosion resistance, and mechanical load.

  • Materials: Inconel 718 is a powerful, corrosion-resistant nickel-chromium alloy known for its excellent mechanical performance at high temperatures. Make sure these materials match the requirements of your application.

  • Size and Quantity: Specifies the size, length, and thread type needed for your application. Inconel 718 bolts are available in various standard sizes and configurations, so choose the one that suits your needs.

  • Corrosion Resistance: Consider the amount of corrosion resistance required for your application. Inconel 718 provides excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance in corrosive environments, making it suitable for many aerospace, chemical and marine applications.

  • Heat Resistance: Determine the operating temperature of the bolts. Inconel 718 exhibits superior mechanical temperature and oxidation resistance, making it suitable for high-temperature applications

Are Inconel 718 Bolts recyclable?

Yes, Inconel 718 bolts are recyclable. Nickel-based alloys like Inconel 718 can be recycled through various processes, including melting and refining, to recover valuable materials for reuse in manufacturing, making them environmentally sustainable options for industrial applications.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can Inconel 718 Bolts attract magnet?

No, Inconel 718 bolts are typically non-magnetic at room temperature due to their high nickel content. While they may exhibit slight magnetic properties when cold-worked or exposed to certain conditions, they generally do not attract magnets significantly, making them suitable for applications where magnetic interference is a concern.

Can Inconel 718 Bolts be used for underground applications?

Yes, Inconel 718 bolts can be used for underground applications. They offer excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, and durability, making them suitable for environments with moisture, soil, and chemical exposure. Proper coating or protection may be necessary to enhance their resistance to specific underground conditions.

Can Inconel 718 Bolts be used for structural applications?

Yes, Inconel 718 bolts can be used for structural applications where high strength and corrosion resistance are required. They are commonly used in aerospace, marine, and chemical processing industries for structural fastening due to their excellent mechanical properties, temperature resistance, and durability in harsh environments.

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