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Inconel Sheets/Plates are metal sheets or plates made from a family of nickel-based superalloys known as Inconel. These alloys are highly resistant to corrosion, oxidation, and high temperatures, making them suitable for extreme environments. Inconel Sheets/Plates are commonly used in aerospace, chemical processing, marine engineering, and gas turbine components.

Inconel Sheets/Plates Specifications

Specifications : ASTM B443 / ASME SB443, AMS 5599, AMS 5869
Dimensions : ASTM, ASME, and API
Inconel Sheet : thickness range from .008″ to .0125″
Inconel Plate : thickness ranges from .0125″ to 5.00″
Size : 15NB to 150NB In
Tempers : Annealed, 1/4, 1/2 Hard, 3/4 Hard, Full Hard
Hardness : Soft, Hard, Half Hard, Quarter Hard, Spring Hard etc.
Form : Coils, Foils, Rolls, Plain Sheet, Strip, Flats, Blank (Circle), Ring (Flange) etc.

Inconel Sheets/Plates Chemical Composition

50 – 550.2 – 0.8Bal2.8 – 3.317 – 210.3 max0.015 max4.75 – 5.50.08 max0.35 max0.015 max0.35 max1.0 max0.65 – 1.150.006 max

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Inconel Sheets/Plates Mechanical Properties

Density Melting PointTensile StrengthYield Strength (0.2%Offset)Elongation
Inconel 6258.4 g/cm31350 °C (2460 °F)Psi – 135,000 , MPa – 930Psi – 75,000 , MPa – 51742.5 %

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Inconel Sheets/Plates Grades

  • Inconel 600 Sheets/Plates
  • Inconel 601 Sheets/Plates
  • Inconel 617 Sheets/Plates
  • Inconel 625 Sheets/Plates
  • Inconel 718 plates/Plates
  • Inconel 617 plates/Plates
  • Inconel 601 plates/Plates
  • Inconel 600 plates/Plates

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We offer These Inconel Sheets/Plates as per DIN, ISO, JIS or ANSI Standard.

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Advantages of Inconel Sheets/Plates


  1. High-Temperature Strength: Inconel Sheets/Plates maintain excellent strength and stability at elevated temperatures, making them suitable for applications in extreme heat environments.
  2. Corrosion Resistance: Exceptional corrosion resistance against various corrosive media, including acids, alkalis, and corrosive gases, ensures longevity and reliability in harsh conditions.
  3. Oxidation Resistance: Inconel exhibits superior oxidation resistance, protecting against forming oxide scales at high temperatures and prolonged exposure to oxygen-rich environments.
  4. Versatility: Widely used in diverse industries, Inconel Sheets/Plates are versatile and suitable for aerospace and chemical processing applications to marine and nuclear engineering.
  5. High-Tensile Strength: Inconel alloys possess high tensile strength, providing structural integrity and reliability in critical applications such as pressure vessels and aircraft components.
  6. Creep Resistance: The ability to resist deformation under prolonged stress at high temperatures, known as creep resistance, is a key advantage of Inconel in applications requiring long-term stability.
  7. Fatigue Resistance: Inconel exhibits excellent fatigue resistance, making it suitable for applications where materials are subjected to cyclic loading and potential stress-induced failure.
  8. Chemical Compatibility: Inconel is compatible with various chemicals, making it suitable for use in corrosive chemical processing environments without compromising its structural integrity.
  9. Weldability: Inconel alloys offer good weldability, allowing for ease of fabrication and construction contributing to their use in various manufacturing processes.
  10. Longevity and Reliability: The combination of high-performance characteristics, including strength, corrosion resistance, and versatility, contributes to the longevity and reliability of Inconel Sheets/Plates in challenging industrial environments.

Types of Inconel Sheets/Plates

Inconel UNS N06600 Sheets
Inconel 601 HR Plates
Inconel UNS N06625 Sheets
Inconel 718 Plates
UNS N08800 Sheets
Inconel 601 Sheets

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Inconel Sheets/Plates Uses

Application Industry

Inconel sheets and plates are integral to many industrial applications and are renowned for their exceptional performance in demanding environments. Widely utilized in aerospace, chemical processing, marine engineering, and gas turbine components, these superalloys exhibit remarkable resistance to corrosion, oxidation, and high temperatures. Inconel sheets and plates provide unparalleled strength and toughness even at elevated temperatures, ensuring reliability and longevity in critical applications.

Oil & Gas Industry

Aviation Industry

Petro Chemical Industry

Power Generation Industry


  1. Aerospace Industry: Inconel Sheets/Plates are used in aircraft components, such as engine parts, exhaust systems, and structural elements, due to their high-temperature strength and corrosion resistance.
  2. Chemical Processing: Widely employed in the chemical industry for equipment like reactors, heat exchangers, and piping systems, where resistance to corrosive chemicals is crucial.
  3. Power Generation: Inconel is utilized in power plants for components like gas turbines, boilers, and heat exchangers, benefiting from its high-temperature strength and oxidation resistance.
  4. Marine Engineering: Inconel Sheets/Plates find application in marine environments for components exposed to saltwater, such as ship exhaust systems, heat exchangers, and seawater piping.
  5. Oil and Gas Sector: Inconel is used in oil and gas exploration and production for components like downhole tools, wellhead equipment, and valves, where corrosion resistance is vital.
  6. Nuclear Industry: Inconel’s high-temperature strength and resistance to radiation make it suitable for nuclear reactor components, including reactor pressure vessels and fuel element cladding.
  7. Medical Equipment: Certain medical devices, such as implants and equipment requiring high corrosion resistance and biocompatibility, may incorporate Inconel.
  8. Petrochemical Industry: Inconel is employed in petrochemical plants for various applications, including reactors, distillation columns, and catalyst tubes, where corrosion resistance is essential.
  9. Automotive Applications: Inconel is used in high-performance automotive components, such as exhaust systems and turbocharger parts, due to its high-temperature strength and durability.
  10. Electronics: Inconel can be utilized in electronics manufacturing for components that require heat and corrosion resistance, contributing to electronic devices’ reliability in challenging environments.

How to Choose the Right Inconel Sheets/Plates


  1. Temperature Requirements: Consider the operating temperature range of your application and choose an Inconel grade with the appropriate high-temperature strength and oxidation resistance.
  2. Corrosion Environment: Assess the specific corrosive conditions your material will face and select an Inconel alloy with the corrosion resistance required for your application.
  3. Mechanical Properties: Evaluate the mechanical strength and toughness needed for your application, considering load-bearing capacity, impact resistance, and overall structural integrity.
  4. Application Compatibility: Ensure Inconel is compatible with other materials in your application, considering potential galvanic corrosion or material interaction concerns.
  5. Standards and Specifications: Verify that the Inconel Sheets/Plates meet relevant industry standards and specifications, such as ASTM or ASME, to ensure quality and performance.
  6. Testing and Certification: Choose Inconel products that have undergone thorough testing, including chemical composition analysis, mechanical property testing, and corrosion resistance assessments. Look for relevant certifications.
  7. Supplier Reputation: Select a reputable supplier or manufacturer with a proven track record of delivering high-quality Inconel products. Consider customer reviews, certifications, and industry reputation.
  8. Cost Considerations: Assess the overall cost-effectiveness of Inconel Sheets/Plates, considering initial material costs, installation expenses, and long-term maintenance requirements.
  9. Weldability: If welding is a critical aspect of your fabrication process, choose an Inconel alloy with good weldability to ensure ease of fabrication and maintenance of desired mechanical properties.
  10. Consultation with Experts: Seek advice from materials engineers or industry experts for specific applications. Their expertise can help you navigate the complexities of material selection and ensure the optimal choice for your needs.

Are Inconel Sheets/Plates suitable for hygienic and sanitary applications?

Yes, While Inconel Sheets/Plates possess exceptional high-temperature strength and corrosion resistance, their use in hygienic applications depends on specific requirements. Proper care and compatibility assessment can make Inconel suitable for certain sanitary conditions, ensuring long-term performance and reliability.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are Inconel Sheet and Plates Recyclable?

Yes, Inconel Sheets and Plates are recyclable. They can be reclaimed through processes like melting and remanufacturing, promoting sustainability by reducing the need for new raw materials and minimizing environmental impact. Recycling contributes to a more eco-friendly and resource-efficient approach to material usage

Are Inconel Sheet Plates suitable for cryogenic applications?

Yes, Inconel Sheet Plates are suitable for Cryogenic applications due to their high-temperature Strength, Corrosion Resistance, and Excellent Mechanical Properties, making them Ideal for extreme cold conditions.

Can Inconel Sheet Plates be used for underground applications?

Yes, Inconel Sheet Plates can be used for underground applications. Their Corrosion Resistance and Durability make them suitable for underground environments, providing reliable performance in challenging conditions such as buried Pipelines, Tunnels, or Storage tanks.

Inconel Sheets/Plates Size Chart

Thickness Width Length Surface Finish
15~85 mm 914, 1219, 1524 mm 3048, 6069 mm 10 M Black
3~8 mm 20~1524 mm Container Loading: Max. 10M Bulk: as request No.1
8 up ~ 60 mm 30~1524 mm Max. 6096 mm No.1

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