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Nickel Alloy 201 Stud Bolts Manufacturer & Supplier in Dubai, UAE

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Embark on a journey towards exceptional performance with our Nickel Alloy 201 Stud Bolts, prominently featured on our product pages. We take pride in presenting a diverse range of premium-grade solutions meticulously custom-built to meet the varied demands of numerous industries. Delve into a realm of versatility and dependability with our carefully engineered products, expertly designed to thrive across a broad spectrum of industrial applications. Our Nickel Alloy 201 Stud Bolts showcase precision engineering that meets stringent industry standards, ensuring resilience and exceptional resistance to corrosion. As a trusted retailer, we prioritize customer satisfaction by offering flexible options, competitive pricing, and expedited delivery. Whether in construction, manufacturing, or engineering pursuits, our Nickel Alloy 201 Stud Bolts deliver unparalleled performance, establishing new standards for excellence and innovation. Trust in our unwavering commitment to quality and reliability for your bolting needs

Nickel Alloy 201 Stud Bolts Specifications

Grade Nickel 200/201 (UNS N02200 /N02201)
Specifications ASTM B 160/164, ASME SB 160/164
Dimension ASTM, IS, BS and all International Standards
Length 3mm to 200mm
Size M3 – M56 | 3/6″ to 2″ | Custom Sizes
Types Threaded Rod, Class A double ended stud, Tie Rod, Double Ended Stud, Stud Bolts, Bronze Hex Studs, Threaded Studs etc etc.

Mechanical Properties of Nickel Alloy 201 Stud Bolts

Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Nickel 201 8.9 g/cm3 1446 °C (2635 °F) Psi – 67000 , MPa – 462 Psi – 21500 , MPa – 148 45 %

Nickel Alloy 201 Stud Bolts Chemical Composition












Nickel 201


0.15 max

0.35 max

0.35 max

0.40 max

0.01 max

0.25 max

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We offer These Nickle Alloy 201 Stud Bolts as per DIN, ISO, JIS or ANSI Standard.

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Advantages of Nickel Alloy 201 Stud Bolts

Advantages of Nickel Alloy 201 Stud Bolts
  • Corrosion resistance: Nickel alloy 201 is highly corrosion resistant, especially in acidic and alkaline environments. This makes it suitable for applications where corrosive exposure is a concern, such as chemical plants, marine environments and oil refineries.

  • High thermal resistance: The alloy has high thermal mechanical properties, making it suitable for use in hot environments such as gas turbines, heat exchangers and nuclear reactors

  • Excellent mechanical properties: Nickel alloy 201 exhibits excellent mechanical strength and flexibility, allowing it to withstand high stresses without deformation or failure. This makes it suitable for structural components, stud bolts and other fasteners.

  • Low Magnetic Permeability: The nickel alloy 201 has low magnetic permeability, making it ideal for applications that require reduced magnetic interference, such as in electronic devices or MRI machines.

  • Easy to manufacture: This alloy is easy to machine and weld, making it difficult to manufacture complex components and assemblies.

Types of Nickel Alloy 201 Stud Bolts

Nickel Alloy 201 Stud Hex Bolts
Nickel Alloy 201 Stud Alloy U Bolts
Nickel Alloy 201 Stud Lag Bolts
201 Nickel Alloy Stud Anchor Bolt
Nickel Alloy Stud Exhaust Bolts 201
201 Nickel Alloy Stud M10 Bolts

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Nickel Alloy 201 Stud Bolts Uses

Application Industry

Nickel Alloy 201 Stud Bolts applications are as diverse as the industries they serve driven primarily by the aerospace, railway, construction and automotive industries with petrochemical, nuclear, medical, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Nuclear, Thermal Power plants, Paper and Pulp, marine and mining, etc.

Oil & Gas Industry

Aerospace and Safety

Chemical Properties

Power generation

  • Corrosion Resistance: Nickel alloy 201 stud bolts are highly corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for use in areas where corrosion is a concern. They are commonly used in the chemical industry, marine environments and oil production areas.

  • Thermal stability: These stud bolts can withstand high temperatures without losing their mechanical properties, making them suitable for use in hot environments such as heat exchangers, boilers and furnaces

  • Electrical Conductivity: Nickel Alloy 201 has excellent electrical conductivity, making it suitable for use in electrical fields and applications where electrical conductivity is important.

  • Low Magnetic Permeability: The nickel alloy 201 has a low magnetic permeability, making it suitable for applications where it is important to minimize magnetic interference, such as electronic devices and instruments used in sensitive scientific applications in

  • Chemical applications: Due to their ability to withstand high temperatures due to corrosion resistance, nickel alloy 201 stud bolts are commonly used in chemical applications such as reactors, vessels and piping systems.

How to Choose the Right Nickel Alloy 201 Stud Bolts

  • Understand application requirements: Determine the condition in which the stud bolt will be used. Consider factors such as temperature, pressure, corrosion resistance, and mechanical requirements for the application.

  • Corrosion Resistance: Nickel Alloy 201 is known for its excellent corrosion resistance in acidic and alkaline environments. Ensure that the stud bolts can withstand the specific corrosive elements of your application.

  • Temperature Resistance: Determine the temperature at which the stud bolt will operate. Nickel Alloy 201 has excellent heat stability, but if your application involves extreme temperatures, you may need to consider another nickel alloy with higher heat resistance.

  • Mechanical properties: Determine the properties important to your application, such as tensile strength, yield strength, and hardness. Nickel Alloy 201 offers mechanical quality, but make sure it matches your application’s requirements.

  • Size and Dimensions: Determine the appropriate size and dimensions of stud bolts based on your application requirements, including thread size, length, and diameter

Are Nickel Alloy 201 Stud Bolts Recyclable?

Yes, Nickel Alloy 201 is recyclable. Nickel alloys, including Nickel Alloy 201, are commonly recycled due to their high value and the economic benefits of recycling metals. Recycling processes for nickel alloys involve melting down the material and reusing it to create new products or components. Recycling helps conserve natural resources and reduces the environmental impact associated with mining and processing raw materials. So, if you have Nickel Alloy 201 stud bolts that are no longer in use, recycling them is a sustainable option.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can Nickel Alloy 201 Stud Bolts be used for underground applications?

Nickel Alloy 201 stud bolts can be used for underground applications due to their excellent corrosion resistance, especially in acidic environments. They withstand harsh conditions, including underground exposure to moisture, soil, and chemicals. Their durability makes them suitable for long-term use in underground installations, ensuring reliable performance.

What are the considerations for installing Nickle Alloy 201 Stud Bolts?

When installing Nickel Alloy 201 stud bolts, ensure proper material compatibility with the environment, considering factors like temperature, corrosion, and chemical exposure. Use appropriate fastening techniques and torque values, and verify compliance with industry standards. Inspect for defects or damage before installation to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Are Nickel Alloy 201 stud bolts suitable for cryogenic applications?

Nickel Alloy 201 stud bolts are generally not recommended for cryogenic applications due to their low-temperature embrittlement. At cryogenic temperatures, they may become brittle, compromising their mechanical properties. It’s advisable to choose materials specifically designed for cryogenic service to ensure safety and reliability in such environments.

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