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Stainless Steel 204 Pipe is a type of stainless steel pipe known for its excellent corrosion resistance, durability, and affordability. It contains 15-17% chromium, 4-6% nickel, and small amounts of manganese and silicon, which contribute to its strength and resistance to rust and oxidation. This grade of stainless steel is commonly used in various industrial applications, including construction, automotive, and manufacturing, where high performance and longevity are essential.

Stainless Steel 204 Pipes Specifications

StandardASTM A204 / ASME SA 204
Impact tested-52° C
MaterialAlloy Steel
Process of ManufacturingHot-Rolled (HR)

Stainless Steel 204 Pipes Chemical Composition

GradesC maxMn maxS
A204 gr A0.180.900.0350.0350.15-0.40
A204 gr B0.200.900.0350.0350.15-0.40

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Stainless Steel 204 Pipes Mechanical Properties

GradeTensile Strength
Yield Strength
Elongation in
100-150 mm(%)
Elongation in
16 mm(%)
Max Thickness
Gr A/B440-590220-2751924250

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Advantages of Stainless Steel 204 Pipes

  • Corrosion Resistance: Stainless Steel 204 Pipes exhibit excellent resistance to corrosion, making them suitable for use in various environments, including harsh industrial settings and outdoor applications.
  • Durability: These pipes are highly durable and can withstand exposure to extreme temperatures, chemicals, and physical stress, ensuring long-term performance and reliability.
  • Affordability: Compared to higher-grade stainless steels, such as 304 or 316, Stainless Steel 204 Pipes offer a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality or performance.
  • Strength: With a composition containing chromium, nickel, manganese, and silicon, Stainless Steel 204 Pipes boast good mechanical properties, providing adequate strength and structural integrity for various applications.
  • Versatility: These pipes are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, including construction, automotive, manufacturing, and plumbing, due to their corrosion resistance, durability, and strength.
  • Ease of Fabrication: Stainless Steel 204 Pipes are relatively easy to fabricate, weld, and form, allowing for customization and adaptation to specific project requirements with minimal difficulty.

Types of Stainless Steel 204 Pipes

Stainless Steel 204 Pipes
Duplex Steel Welded Pipe
Stainless Steel 204 Seamless Pipe
AISI Duplex Steel Pipe
SS 204 ERW Pipe
SS 304 ERW Pipe
AISI SS 204 Pipe
SS 204 Welded Pipe
ASME SA312 TP308 Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe
UNS S20400 Pipes

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Stainless Steel 204 Pipes Uses

Application Industry

Stainless Steel 204 Pipes applications are as diverse as the industries they serve driven primarily by the aerospace, railway, construction and automotive industries with petrochemical, nuclear, medical, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Nuclear, Thermal Power plants, Paper and Pulp, marine and mining, etc.

Oil & Gas Industry

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Industrial Piping

Marine Applications

  • Industrial Piping: Stainless Steel 204 Pipes are widely used in industrial applications for conveying fluids and gases in chemical processing plants, oil refineries, and petrochemical facilities due to their corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Construction: These pipes are employed in construction projects for plumbing, structural supports, and architectural features where corrosion resistance and strength are essential, such as in building facades, handrails, and structural frameworks.
  • Automotive Industry: Stainless Steel 204 Pipes find applications in the automotive sector for exhaust systems, mufflers, and other components due to their resistance to corrosion, high temperatures, and mechanical stress, contributing to improved longevity and performance.
  • Marine Applications: Due to their corrosion resistance and durability, Stainless Steel 204 Pipes are employed in marine environments for shipbuilding, offshore structures, and marine equipment, where exposure to saltwater and harsh weather conditions is prevalent.
  • Agricultural Equipment: These pipes are used in agricultural machinery and equipment for irrigation systems, livestock housing, and grain storage facilities, where resistance to corrosion and environmental factors is crucial for long-term performance.
  • Heat Exchangers: Stainless Steel 204 Pipes are employed in heat exchanger systems for transferring heat between fluids in various industrial processes, including HVAC systems, chemical processing, and power generation, due to their thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

How to Choose the Right Stainless Steel 204 Pipes

  • Corrosion Resistance: Ensure that the Stainless Steel 204 Pipes you choose offer the necessary corrosion resistance for the intended application, considering factors such as exposure to chemicals, moisture, and environmental conditions.
  • Size and Dimensions: Select pipes with the appropriate size and dimensions to meet the requirements of your project, considering factors such as diameter, wall thickness, and length.
  • Pressure and Temperature Ratings: Check the pressure and temperature ratings of the Stainless Steel 204 Pipes to ensure they can safely handle the operating conditions of your application without risk of failure or deformation.
  • Material Quality: Verify the quality of the stainless steel material used in the pipes, including its composition, mechanical properties, and adherence to relevant industry standards and specifications.
  • End Connections: Consider the type of end connections (e.g., threaded, welded, flanged) required for your application and ensure compatibility with existing equipment and systems.
  • Surface Finish: Choose pipes with the appropriate surface finish (e.g., polished, brushed, satin) based on aesthetic preferences and functional requirements, such as ease of cleaning and resistance to corrosion or staining.

How are Stainless Steel 204 Pipes Sized?

Stainless Steel 204 Pipes are sized primarily based on their outer diameter (OD) and wall thickness, which are standardized dimensions. The OD determines the nominal size of the pipe, while the wall thickness, often specified in schedule numbers (e.g., Schedule 10, Schedule 40), determines the pipe’s pressure rating and structural strength. These pipes are available in a range of standard sizes, typically measured in inches or millimeters, and may also be custom fabricated to meet specific project requirements. Additionally, the length of Stainless Steel 204 Pipes can vary depending on the application but is commonly available in standard lengths such as 20 feet or 6 meters.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are Stainless Steel 204 Pipes Recyclable?

Yes, Stainless Steel 204 Pipes are fully recyclable. Stainless steel is a highly recyclable material that can be melted down and reused to make new products without losing its properties or quality. Recycling Stainless Steel 204 Pipes helps conserve natural resources, reduces energy consumption, and minimizes environmental impact compared to producing new stainless steel from raw materials. This makes stainless steel an environmentally sustainable choice for various applications, including piping systems, where durability and longevity are essential.

Are Stainless Steel 204 Pipes Suitable for High Temperature Applications?

Stainless Steel 204 Pipes are generally suitable for moderate temperature applications but may not be ideal for high temperature environments exceeding 600°C (1112°F) due to their lower nickel content compared to higher-grade stainless steels like 304 or 316. While they offer good corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures can lead to reduced performance and potential degradation of the material. For applications requiring high temperature resistance, it’s advisable to consider alternative stainless steel grades specifically designed for elevated temperature environments.

Does Stainless Steel 204 Pipes Corrode?

Stainless Steel 204 Pipes offer good corrosion resistance in many environments due to their chromium content, which forms a protective oxide layer on the surface. However, they may be susceptible to corrosion in certain aggressive environments or under extreme conditions. Factors such as exposure to chlorides, acidic solutions, or high temperatures can increase the risk of corrosion. Regular maintenance and proper selection of Stainless Steel 204 Pipes for specific applications can help minimize corrosion and ensure long-term performance.

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