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Experience excellent quality and performance with Stainless Steel 348 Fasteners, proudly showcased on our product pages. Dive into a comprehensive array of carefully custom-built solutions tailored to meet diverse industrial needs. custom-built with precision engineering, our SS 348 Pipes adhere strictly to industry standards, guaranteeing exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. As a trusted supplier, we prioritize customer satisfaction by offering customizable options, competitive pricing, and authorized delivery. Whether fueling construction, infrastructure, or industrial ventures, our stainless steel pipes exceed expectations, establishing new benchmarks for excellence. Elevate your applications with our steadfast commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring steadfast reliability every step of the way.

Stainless Steel 348 Fasteners Specifications

Material : Stainless Steel 348 Fasteners

Standards : ASTM / ASME – A/ SA 193

Metric Size Range : from M1.0 upto M150

Imperial size Range : from #0000 upto #12 and 1/4″ upto 6″

Length : M02 to M33

Stainless Steel 348 Fasteners Chemical Composition

Min. %2.000.0450.040.03017.03 – 40.759.00Nb=10(C+N)
Max %2.000.0450.100.03019.03 – 40.7513.001.0

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Stainless Steel 348 Fasteners Mechanical Properties

GradeTensile Strength (MPa) minYield Strength 0.2% Proof (MPa) minElongation (% in 50mm) minRockwell B (HR B) maxBrinell (HB) max

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Advantages of Stainless Steel 348 Fasteners

  • Corrosion resistance: Stainless steel 348 contains chromium, which forms a protective oxide layer on its surface when exposed to oxygen, giving it excellent corrosion resistance This makes it ideal for environmental use high humidity varieties or chemicals.

  • High strength: Stainless steel 348 is known for its high tensile strength and durability. This makes it suitable for applications that require packaging to withstand heavy loads and high stresses without damage or failure.

  • Heat resistance: Stainless steel 348 retains mechanical properties at high and low temperatures, making it suitable for use in high-temperature environments such as industrial furnaces, cryogenic applications, or automotive engines

  • Aesthetics: Stainless steel 348 has a smooth, shiny finish that adds aesthetic value to items. This makes it a popular choice for applications where aesthetics are important, such as buildings, auto parts, and consumer products.

  • Hygiene products: Stainless steel is easily cleaned and maintained where hygiene is important, such as in kitchen equipment, medical devices and pharmaceuticals

Types of Stainless Steel 348 Fasteners

Duplex Steel Fasteners
Duplex Steel Fasteners
Duplex Steel Fasteners
Duplex Steel Fasteners

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Stainless Steel 348 Fasteners Uses

Application Industry

Stainless Steel 348 Fasteners applications are as diverse as the industries they serve driven primarily by the aerospace, railway, construction and automotive industries with petrochemical, nuclear, medical, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Nuclear, Thermal Power plants, Paper and Pulp, marine and mining, etc.

Oil & Gas Industry

Aviation Industry

Petro Chemical Industry

Power Generation Industry

  • Chemical applications: Stainless steel 348 fasteners are commonly used where corrosive chemicals and high-temperature resistance are required. They fasten pumps, valves, piping systems and other equipment.

  • Oil and Gas Industry: In the oil and gas industry, where exposure to harsh environments is common, stainless steel 348 fasteners are used in offshore platforms, pipelines and refineries. They resist corrosive agents such as salt water and hydrogen sulfide.

  • Aerospace: Aerospace applications require materials that can withstand extreme temperatures, pressures, and environmental conditions. Stainless steel 348 fasteners are used in aircraft manufacturing, engines, and other critical applications.

  • Power generation: Stainless steel 348 fasteners are used in turbines, boilers and heat exchangers in power plants that withstand high temperatures and corrosive weather

How to Choose the Right Stainless Steel 348 Fasteners

  • Identify application requirements: Identify environmental factors, such as temperature, corrosion, load-carrying capacity, and other factors that can affect packaging performance.

  • Material: 348 stainless steel provides excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation, making it suitable for various applications. Understand its mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, yield strength and stiffness, to ensure it meets the requirements of your application.

  • Size and Type: Choose the right fastener size and type based on the specific requirements of your project. Consider factors such as thread type (UNC, UNF, metric), length, thickness, and head (hex, socket, pan, flat) to ensure compatibility with packaging.

Does Stainless Steel 348 Fasteners Rust?

Stainless steel 348 fasteners exhibit excellent resistance to rust and corrosion due to their high chromium content. They are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making them suitable for applications where corrosion resistance is essential. However, prolonged exposure to extreme conditions may still cause surface discoloration or corrosion.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can stainless steel 348 Fasteners be used for structural applications?

Stainless steel 348 fasteners can be used for structural applications where corrosion resistance and high strength are required. However, their use in critical structural elements may depend on factors such as load-bearing requirements, environmental conditions, and compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations. Consulting with structural engineers is recommended for specific applications.

Can Stainless steel 348 fasteners be recycled after use?

Yes, stainless steel 348 fasteners are highly recyclable. They can be melted down and reused to manufacture new stainless steel products without losing their inherent properties. Recycling stainless steel helps conserve natural resources, reduces energy consumption, and minimizes waste, making it an environmentally sustainable choice.

Can stainless steel 348 fasteners be used for underground applications?

Stainless steel 348 fasteners can be suitable for underground applications due to their corrosion resistance. However, factors such as soil composition, moisture levels, and potential exposure to corrosive substances should be considered. Proper surface treatment and periodic inspections are recommended to ensure long-term performance in underground environments.

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