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Stainless Steel 348 Tubing Manufacturer and Supplier in Dubai, UAE.

SS 348 Tubing, Stainless Steel 348 Seamless Tubing Supplier and Exporter in Dubai, UAE.

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Experience the exceptional performance of our Stainless Steel 348 Tubing. Engineered to exceed industrial demands, our 348 tubing offers unparalleled durability, corrosion resistance, and performance. As your reliable ally, we provide tailored solutions, competitive pricing, and swift delivery. Setting new standards for industry innovation and excellence, our tubing features high specifications, robust construction, and unwavering reliability, guaranteeing optimal results for your industrial needs.

Stainless Steel 348 Tubing Specifications

ASTM A-213 & Its equivalent ASME, DIN & EN Standard.
304, 304L, 304H, 304LN, 309S, 310S, 316, 316L, 316H, 316Ti, 317, 317L, 321, 321H, 347, 347H, 410,446
Seamless Ferritic and Austenitic Boiler, Superheater, and Heat-Exchanger Tubes
Outer Diameter Size
1/4” OD, NB to 3” OD, NB sizes
1mm to 12mm, SCH 5/5S, 10/10S, 20/20S, 40/40S, 80/80S, 120/120S, 160/160S as per ANSI B36.19/36.10
Up to 6 meters, custom cut lengths
No.1 Pickled Finish, No.4 finish, BA Finish, Electropolished Seamless Tubes
Delivery Conditions
As Rolled, Formed, Stress Relieved, Annealed, Hardened, Tempered, Cold Draw
Electropolish, Mechanical Polish, Satin Finish, Passivated
Other Testing
Product Analysis, Transverse Tension Test, Flattening Test, Etching Test, Radiographic Examination, Stabilizing Heat Treatment, Intergranular Corrosion Test, Weld Decay Test, Magnetic Particle Detection, Grain Size Test, NACE 0175, Dual Grade, PWHT (POST WELD HEAT TREATMENT), Flare Test, Bend Test, Hardness Test, Tensile Test etc
All Pipes & Tube Is Manufactured and Inspected / Tested to the Relevant standards including ASTM and ASME
Value Added Services
Draw / Expansion / Machining / Sand Blasting / Shot Blasting / Heat Treatment
Loose / Bundle / Wooden Pallet / Wooden Box / Plastic Cloth Wraps / Plastic End Caps / Beveled Protector
Material Test Certificate
Manufacturer Test Certificate As Per EN10204 3.1, 3.2 / Laboratory Test Certificate From NABL Approved Lab. / Under Third Party Inspection Agency Like SGS, TUV, DNV, LLOYDS, ABS ETC
By Road – Truck / Train, By Sea – Break-bulk Conventional Vessel / FCL (Full Container Load) / LCL (Less Container Load) / 20 Feet Container / 30 Feet Container / 35 Feet Container / High Cube Container / Open Top Container, By Air – Freighter Civil Passenger and Cargo Planes

Stainless Steel 348 Tubing Chemical Composition

Iron, Fe 66
Chromium, Cr 19
Nickel, Ni 11
Manganese, Mn 2.0
Silicon, Si 1.0
Nb + Ta 0.8
Cobalt, Co 0.2
Tantalum, Ta 0.1
Carbon, C 0.080
Phosphorous, P 0.045
Sulfur, S 0.030

Buy Stainless Steel 348 Tubing, SS 348, as Per UNS S34800 Stainless Steel Seamless Tubes Standard in UAE.

Top Stainless Steel 348 Tubing Manufacturing Company in Dubai

At PipingMart, we take pride in being the largest supplier and manufacturer in the UAE, offering cutting-edge solutions for all your piping needs. With state-of-the-art production plants strategically located in the UAE, we boast a vast inventory of over 25,000 tons of premium-quality materials readily available in stock.

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We offer These Stainless Steel 348 Tubing as per DIN, ISO, JIS or ANSI Standard.

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Advantages of Stainless Steel 348 Tubing

Stainless Steel 348 Tubing
  • High Temperature Resistance: Stainless Steel 348 tubing is highly resistant to high temperatures, making it ideal for applications involving heat exchangers, nuclear reactors, and other high-temperature environments.
  • Corrosion Resistance: With its enhanced chromium and nickel content, Stainless Steel 348 tubing offers superior corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity and durability in aggressive environments, including those with exposure to acids and other chemicals.
  • Creep Strength: Stainless Steel 348 tubing maintains excellent creep strength at elevated temperatures, allowing it to retain its mechanical properties under prolonged thermal and mechanical stress, which is crucial for applications in power generation and chemical processing.
  • Weldability: Stainless Steel 348 tubing can be readily welded using standard welding techniques, facilitating ease of fabrication and assembly while maintaining its corrosion resistance and mechanical strength.
  • Stabilized Composition: The addition of niobium (columbium) stabilizes the alloy, preventing carbide precipitation during welding and high-temperature exposure. This stabilization enhances its resistance to intergranular corrosion and makes it suitable for use in demanding applications like aerospace and automotive industries.

Types of Stainless Steel 348 Tubing

Stainless Steel 348 Seamless Tubing
Heavy Wall Stainless Steel 348 Tubing
SS Seamless Round 348 Tubing
Large Diameter Stainless Steel 348 Tubing
Stainless Steel 348 Welded Tubing
ASTM A358 Tubing

Seamless Stainless Steel 348 Tubing manufacturer in Sharjah, SS 348 Seamless Round Tubing Price In Dubai, UAE.

Application Industry

Oil & Gas Industry

Chemical applications

Food and Beverage Industry

Water Treatment Systems

Are Stainless Steel 348 Tubing Recyclable?

Yes, Stainless Steel 348 Tubing is recyclable. It can be melted down and reused without losing its quality, making it an environmentally sustainable material choice.

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