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Embark on a journey of excellent craftsmanship with our Stainless Steel 403 Bars showcased in our distinguished product lineup. Within our extensive catalog, you’ll uncover a diverse array of carefully custom-built bars tailored to meet a myriad of industrial demands with precision and excellence. Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, our Stainless Steel 403 Bars epitomize unmatched strength and resistance to corrosion, meticulously adhering to stringent industry standards. As a reputable supplier, we prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering tailor-made solutions, competitive pricing, and prompt delivery services. Whether for construction, manufacturing, or industrial applications, our Stainless Steel 403 Bars redefine reliability and innovation. Elevate your projects with our state-of-the-art solutions, underpinned by an unwavering commitment to quality and performance.

Stainless Steel 403 Bars Specifications

StandardASTM A276 / A479, ASME SA276 / A479
Round Bar Size3mm~ 800mm
Square Bar Size4mm* 4mm ~100mm* 100mm
Flat Bar Size2mm ~ 100mm
Hex Bar Size2mm ~ 100mm
Angle Size3mm* 20mm* 20mm~ 12mm* 100mm* 100mm
Thickness50 mm to 6000 mm Long
Length1 To 6 Meters, Custom Cut Length
FormRound, Square, Hex(A/F), Rectangle, Billet, Ingot, Forging Etc

Mechanical Properties of Stainless Steel 403 Bars

GradeTensile Strength
ksi (min.)
Yield Strength 0.2%
Offset ksi (min.)
Elongation –
% in
50 mm (min.)
(Rockwell B) MAX

Stainless Steel 403 Bars Chemical Composition

403min: 11.5
min: 0.60max: 0.15max:0.5max:1.0max:0.04max:0.03 Balance

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Advantages of Stainless Steel 403 Bars

  1. Corrosion resistance: Stainless Steel 403 exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, making it suitable for use in a variety of moist or chemical environments

  2. High Strength: Martensitic stainless steels, such as 403, are known for their high strength and durability. This makes thread 403 suitable for applications requiring configuration integrity and durability.

  3. Heat Resistance: Stainless steel 403 tubes can withstand high temperatures without losing their mechanical properties, making them suitable for high-temperature applications such as industrial furnaces or exhaust systems

  4. Machining: Compared to other stainless steel alloys, 403 offers excellent machinability. This makes manufacturing various products and sizes easier and helps manufacturing flexibility.

  5. Water resistance: Due to its durability, Stainless Steel 403 exhibits excellent strength, making it suitable for applications where abrasion and damage are a major concern, such as industrial machine parts.

Types of Stainless Steel 403 Bars

Stainless Steel Round Bars
Stainless Steel 403 Round Bars
Stainless Steel 403 Bars
200 series 300 series SS Bars
403 seriesSS Bars

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Stainless Steel 403 Bars Uses

Application Industry

Stainless Steel 403 Bars applications are as diverse as the industries they serve driven primarily by the aerospace, railway, construction and automotive industries with petrochemical, nuclear, medical, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Nuclear, Thermal Power plants, Paper and Pulp, marine and mining, etc.


Chemical Processing

Manufacturing Equipment

Aerospace Industry

  1. Equipment Manufacturing: 403 bar stainless steel is commonly used for pumps, valves, fittings and other equipment due to its corrosion resistance and durability.

  2. Machining: Their machining makes them suitable for manufacturing parts such as bolts, nuts, shafts and gears, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries

  3. Food Processing: Machinery and mechanical equipment in the food processing industry are made of 403 bar stainless steel, which requires corrosion resistance and cleaning

  4. Chemical Processing: In the chemical industry and refineries, these fibres are used in the manufacture of tools and equipment containing corrosive chemicals

How to Choose the Right Stainless Steel 403 Bars

  1. Understand the grade: Stainless steel 403 belongs to the 400 series, which is known for its high heat and corrosion resistance. Familiarize yourself with Grade 403’s characteristics, such as composition, mechanical properties, and suitability for your intended application.
  2. Application Requirements: Specify the specific application required for your stainless steel. Whether it’s mechanical equipment, appliance components, or furniture, requirements can vary in strength, corrosion resistance and finishes.
  3. Corrosion Resistance: Check the environmental exposure of stainless steel tiles. Grade 403 stainless steel offers moderate corrosion resistance compared to other grades. If your project involves harsh chemicals or marine environments, consider a special grade that is more corrosion-resistant.
  4. Mechanical properties: Determine the properties important to your application, such as tensile strength, yield strength, and stiffness. Stainless steel 403 provides good strength and hardness, which is often suitable for many applications, but make sure it meets your application’s specific needs.

Can Stainless Steel 403 Bars be recycled after use?

Yes, stainless steel 403 bars can be recycled after use. Stainless steel is highly recyclable, with a recycling rate exceeding 90%. Recycling involves melting down the steel to produce new stainless steel products, conserving resources and reducing environmental impact.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are Stainless Steel 403 Bars suitable for cryogenic applications?

Stainless steel 403 bars may not be ideal for cryogenic applications due to their moderate toughness at low temperatures. For cryogenic environments, stainless steel grades with better ductility and toughness, such as 304 or 316, are preferred to ensure reliable performance and resistance to embrittlement.

Can Stainless Steel 403 Bars be used for underground applications?

Stainless steel 403 bars can be used for underground applications with proper consideration of environmental factors. They offer moderate corrosion resistance, but in aggressive soil conditions, higher grades like 304 or 316 are preferred for enhanced corrosion resistance. Adequate protection measures, such as coatings or cathodic protection, may be necessary.

What are the considerations for installing Stainless Steel 403 Bars?

When installing stainless steel 403 bars, consider factors such as surface preparation, proper handling to avoid damage, suitable fastening methods, and compatibility with other materials. Ensure adequate support and alignment during installation, and follow recommended guidelines for welding and finishing to maintain structural integrity and prevent corrosion.

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