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Check UNS S32750/ S32760 Buttweld Fittings Material Specification, ASME B16.9 Alloy 2507 Elbow And Tee Fittings Manufacturer In Dubai, UAE

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Embark on a journey of excellent quality and reliability with our Super Duplex Steel S32760 pipe fittings, proudly showcased on our product pages. Dive into a realm of extraordinary durability and adaptability, where each fitting is carefully custom-built to perfection for a myriad of industrial applications. Our extensive range boasts premium-grade solutions, engineered with precision to meet the rigorous standards of Super Duplex Steel S32760, ensuring exceptional corrosion resistance and extended service life. As a trusted supplier, we are dedicated to your satisfaction, offering customizable options, competitive pricing, and expedited delivery services. Whether for construction, manufacturing, or industrial projects, our Super Duplex Steel S32760 pipe fittings guarantee unparalleled performance, setting a new standard for quality and innovation. Elevate your projects with confidence, fueled by our steadfast commitment to excellence and customer-centric solutions.

Super Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings S32760 Specifications

Standard Specification : Super Duplex Fittings
Coating Fitting Faces : Cold and Hot Dip Galvanized, Zinc Plated, Yellow Transparent, Oil Black Paint, Anti-rust Paint
Thickness: View Our Thickness: Schedule 5S, SCH10, SCH20, SCH10, SCH20, SCH30, SCHTD, SCH40, SCH60, XS, SCH80, SCH100, SCH120, SCH140, SCH160.
Rating Pressure: Pressure Rating Of: 3000 LBS, 6000 LBS, 9000 LBS
Check Sizes: (SMLS UPTO 24”)
1/2” TO 36”
(Buttweld 8” TO 36” )
Standard: MSS-SP-43 Type B Fittings, ANSI B16.28 Fittings, JIS B2312 Fittings, JIS B2313 Fittings, ANSI B16.9 Fittings, MSS-SP-43 Type A Fittings, MSS-SP-43 Type b Fittings
Dimensions Class: 2000#, 3000#, 6000#, 9000#
Application: Chemical Industry
Water Pipeline Industry
Nuclear Power Plant
Natural Gas Industry
Fabrication Industry
Oil And Gas Industry
Fitting Machining Equipment: Press machine, electric bevelling machine, Bending machine, Pushing Machine, Sand-blasting machine etc

Mechanical Properties of Super Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings S32760

Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Super Duplex S32750 7.805 0.285 1420 – 1465 2588 – 2669
Super Duplex S32760 7.805 0.285 1420 – 1465 2588 – 2669

Super Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings S32760 Chemical Composition

Grade CMnSiPSCrNiMoNFe
Super Duplex S327500.030 max.2.00 max.1.00 max.0.030 max.0.020 max.22.0 – 23.04.50 – 6.503.0 – 3.50.14 – 0.2063.72 min.
Super Duplex S327600.030 max.2.00 max.1.00 max.0.030 max.0.020 max.21.0 – 23.04.50 – 6.502.50 – 3.500.08 – 0.2063.54 min

Top Super Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings S32760 Manufacturing Company in Dubai

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We offer These Super Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings S32760 as per DIN, ISO, JIS or ANSI Standard.

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Advantages of Super Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings S32760

  • Corrosion Resistance: Super Duplex Steel S32760 exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, especially in harsh environments with chlorides, acids and seawater. This makes them suitable for use in industries such as offshore oil and gas, chemical processing and the marine environment.

  • Excellent flexibility and rigidity: These pipe fittings exhibit excellent flexibility and rigidity even at low temperatures, ensuring retention of integrity and performance under harsh operating conditions

  • weldability: Super Duplex Steel S32760 exhibits excellent weldability, making it easy to manufacture and assemble. This makes it suitable for a variety of welding processes, including shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), and gas metal arc welding (GMAW).

  • Duplex microstructure: The duplex microstructure of S32760 provides a balanced combination of austenitic and ferritic phases, which provides improved mechanical properties compared to conventional austenitic or ferritic stainless steels, thus providing resistance strength resistance to stress corrosion cracking and fatigue is effective.

  • High strength: These pipe fittings have high strength and stiffness, allowing them to withstand high pressure and temperature conditions with information or failure. This makes them ideal for critical applications with poor reliability and performance.

Types of Super Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings S32760

Butt weld pipe fittings
Super Duplex Steel S32760 Front Ferrule
Super Duplex Steel S32760 Back Ferrule
Super Duplex Steel S32760 Tube Nut
Super Duplex Steel S32760 Street Tee
Super Duplex Steel S32760 Male Tee
Super Duplex Steel S32760 Female Tee

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Super Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings S32760 Uses

Application Industry

 Super Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings S32760 applications are as diverse as the industries they serve driven primarily by the aerospace, railway, construction and automotive industries with petrochemical, nuclear, medical, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Nuclear, Thermal Power plants, Paper and Pulp, marine and mining, etc.

Oil & Gas Industry

Aviation Industry

Petro Chemical Industry

Power Generation Industry

  • Oil and Gas Industry: Super-duplex steel fittings are widely used in offshore and onshore oil and gas exploration and industrial applications. They resist corrosion in aggressive environments such as salt water, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide.

  • Marine applications: In marine environments where the presence of seawater and salinity can cause rapid corrosion, super duplex steel fittings are used due to their exceptional corrosion resistance, durability and durability

  • Petrochemical applications: Super duplex steel pipe fittings find applications in petrochemical refineries and processing units where resistance to corrosion, moisture, and high temperatures is required to maintain efficiency and safety.

  • Desalination equipment: Desalination equipment has become necessary with the increased demand for fresh water. These facilities use super-duplex steel because of its resistance to chloride-induced stress corrosion cracking (SCC) and pitting corrosion, which are common complications at the tip of seawater desalination plants.

  • Chemical applications: In chemical plants where exposure to corrosive chemicals is common, super duplex steel pipe fittings are preferred due to their resistance to a wide range of chemicals such as acids, alkalis and chloride

How to Choose the Right Super Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings S32760

  • Material Grade: Super Duplex Stainless Steel S32760 is known for its excellent corrosion resistance, strength, and weldability. Ensure the material grade meets your project specifications and is suitable for your intended use.

  • Size and Dimensions: Select fittings that match your piping system’s size and dimension requirements. Make sure they match the diameter and thickness of the pipe to ensure they fit and work properly.

  • Pressure and Temperature Check: Consider the fittings’ pressure and temperature to ensure they can withstand your system’s operating conditions without failure. Ensure S32760 fittings have been tested and certified to appropriate industry standards.

  • Water resistance: Check the corrosion resistance of an S32760 device, especially if exposed to harsh environments such as the sea or chemical processes. S32760 provides superior corrosion resistance compared to standard duplex stainless steel.

Can Super Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings S32760 be used for underground applications?

Yes, Super Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings S32760 can be suitable for underground applications due to their corrosion resistance, high strength, and durability. Proper coating and installation techniques should be employed to enhance longevity and prevent degradation from environmental factors such as soil corrosion.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can Super Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings S32760 be used for structural applications?

Super Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings S32760 can be utilized for structural applications due to their exceptional mechanical properties, including high strength and toughness. However, their specific suitability depends on factors such as load requirements, environmental conditions, and regulatory standards, warranting careful consideration and consultation with engineering experts.

Do Super Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings S32760 require corrosion protection coatings?

Super Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings S32760 possess inherent corrosion resistance, but in aggressive environments, additional corrosion protection coatings may be advisable to enhance longevity. Factors such as exposure to chemicals, seawater, or high temperatures should be considered when determining the necessity of coatings for optimal performance and durability.

Are Super Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings S32760 recyclable?

Yes, Super Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings S32760 are recyclable. They can be melted down and reused to manufacture new products, contributing to sustainable practices in the industry. Recycling reduces the demand for raw materials and minimizes environmental impact, making it an eco-friendly choice for resource conservation.

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