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Carbon Steel F42 Flanges Manufacturer & Supplier in Dubai, UAE.

ASTM A694 Carbon Steel Slip On Flanges Price in UAE, Carbon Steel F42 Paddle Blank Flanges Supplier in Dubai, F42 Carbon Steel Weld Neck Flanges Manufacturer and Exporter in Dubai, UAE.

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Discover excellence in Carbon Steel F42 Flanges on our product pages, featuring a comprehensive range of premium solutions tailored to diverse industrial requirements. Engineered for lasting performance, our Carbon Steel F42 Flanges adhere to rigorous industry standards, ensuring durability and reliability in every application. As a trusted supplier, we prioritize customer satisfaction by providing customizable options, competitive pricing, and expedited delivery services. Whether for construction, infrastructure, or industrial projects, our Carbon Steel F42 Flanges offer unmatched performance, enhancing the integrity of your systems with steadfast quality and innovation. Elevate your projects with our dependable solutions, supported by an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Carbon Steel F42 Flanges Specifications

Specifications : ASTM A694

Size : 1/2″NB TO 48 “NB

Class :150 LBS, 300 LBS, 600 LBS, 900 LBS, 1500 LBS, 2500 LBS DIN Standard ND 6,10, 16, 25, 40

Flange Face Type : Flate Face (FF), Raised Face (RF), Ring Type Joint (RTJ)

Standards : ASTM, ASME Flanges, ANSI Flanges, DIN Flanges, EN Flanges, BS Flanges etc.

Carbon Steel F42 Flanges Chemical Composition

Grade C Mn P S Si
ASTM A694 F42 0.26-0.265 1.60-1.64 0.025-0.030 0.025-0.030 0.15-0.35

CS F42 AWWA Flanges, ASTM A694 Carbon Steel F42 Body Flanges Exporter and Stockist in Dubai, UAE.

Carbon Steel F42 Flanges Mechanical Properties

Element Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
ASTM A694 F42 415 290 20 %

Top Carbon Steel F42 Flanges Manufacturing Company in Dubai

At PipingMart, we take pride in being the largest supplier and manufacturer in the UAE, offering cutting-edge solutions for all your piping needs. With state-of-the-art production plants strategically located in the UAE, we boast a vast inventory of over 25,000 tons of premium-quality materials readily available in stock.

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We offer These Carbon Steel Flanges as per DIN, ISO, JIS or ANSI Standard.

ASTM A694 F42 Carbon Steel Weld Neck Flanges Supplier in Dubai, ASTM A694 F42 CS Square Flanges Exporter & Stockist in Dubai, UAE.

Advantages of Carbon Steel F42 Flanges

Carbon Steel F42 Flanges
  1. High Strength: Carbon steel F42 has high tensile strength, making it suitable for applications requiring strong and durable flanges.
  2. Corrosion Resistance: These flanges are resistant to corrosion in various environments, especially compared to other types of steel.
  3. Cost-Effective: Carbon steel is generally more cost-effective than stainless steel or other alloy materials, making F42 flanges a budget-friendly option for many projects.
  4. Wide Availability: Carbon steel F42 flanges are readily available in various sizes and specifications, making them easily accessible for different industrial needs.
  5. Weldability: Carbon steel F42 can be easily welded, allowing for efficient fabrication and installation processes and saving time and labour costs.

Types of Carbon Steel F42 Flanges

Carbon Steel F42 Flanges
CS F42 Seamless Flanges
Carbon Steel F42 ERW Flanges
DIN 2527 CS Flanges
ASTM A694 carbon steel blind flanges

Carbon Steel F42 Flanges Uses

Application Industry

Carbon Steel F42 Flanges applications are as diverse as the industries they serve driven primarily by the aerospace, railway, construction and automotive industries with petrochemical, nuclear, medical, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Nuclear, Thermal Power plants, Paper and Pulp, marine and mining, etc.

Oil & Gas Industry

Aviation Industry

Petro Chemical Industry

Power Generation Industry

  1. Oil and Gas Industry: Carbon steel F42 flanges are widely used in the oil and gas industry to connect pipes, valves, and equipment in pipelines, refineries, and petrochemical plants. Due to their robustness and corrosion resistance, they are suitable for both onshore and offshore applications.
  2. Chemical Industry: In chemical processing plants, carbon steel F42 flanges connect pipelines and equipment that handle corrosive chemicals. Their resistance to chemical corrosion makes them a preferred choice for such applications.
  3. Power Generation: Carbon steel F42 flanges are employed in power generation facilities, including power plants and thermal stations, to connect various components in steam, water, and gas pipelines. They can withstand the high temperatures and pressures encountered in these processes.
  4. Food and Beverage Industry: Carbon steel F42 flanges are used in processing plants to connect piping systems transporting food products and beverages. They are selected for their hygienic properties and resistance to corrosion and contamination.
  5. Pharmaceutical Industry: In pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, carbon steel F42 flanges are utilized in process piping systems to convey pharmaceutical ingredients and products. They meet the industry’s stringent quality and cleanliness requirements.

How to Choose the Right Carbon Steel F42 Flanges

  1. Understand Your Application Requirements: Determine the operating conditions, such as pressure, temperature, fluid type, and flow rate. This information will help you select flanges with the appropriate ratings and specifications.
  2. Check Material Compatibility: Carbon steel F42 flanges are suitable for a wide range of applications, but to prevent corrosion or other issues, ensure compatibility with the process fluid. Consider factors like acidity, alkalinity, and the presence of corrosive elements.
  3. Review Standards and Specifications: Verify that the flanges comply with relevant industry standards such as ASME, ASTM, ANSI, or API. These standards ensure quality, performance, and compatibility with other components.
  4. Select the Flange Type: Based on the application requirements, choose the appropriate flange type. Common types include weld neck, slip-on, socket weld, threaded, and blind flanges. Each type has specific features and advantages, so select one that suits your needs.

Can Carbon Steel F42 Flanges be recycled after use?

Yes, Carbon Steel F42 Flanges can be recycled after use. Recycling helps to reduce environmental impact and conserve resources. Proper recycling processes can reclaim materials for future use, promoting sustainability in manufacturing industries.

ASTM A694 F42 Spectacle Blind Flanges Supplier in Dubai, CS ASTM A694 F42 Weld Neck Flanges Exporter and Stockist in Dubai, UAE.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are Carbon Steel F42 Flanges suitable for cryogenic applications?

Carbon Steel F42 Flanges are generally unsuitable for cryogenic applications due to their brittleness at low temperatures. Materials like stainless steel or specialized low-temperature carbon steels are preferred for cryogenic use due to their improved ductility and resistance to embrittlement. Always consult with experts or refer to specific material data sheets to ensure compatibility with cryogenic conditions.

Can Carbon Steel F42 Flanges be used for underground applications?

Carbon Steel F42 Flanges are unsuitable for underground applications due to their susceptibility to corrosion in such environments. Underground conditions can accelerate corrosion, compromising the integrity of the flanges and potentially leading to safety hazards. For underground applications, corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel or coated carbon steel flanges are recommended to ensure long-term reliability and safety.

How do I select the right Carbon Steel F42 Flanges for my application?

To choose the right Carbon Steel F42 Flanges, consider factors like pressure rating, temperature range, size compatibility, and material compatibility with the conveyed fluid or gas. Ensure they meet industry standards and are suitable for your specific operating conditions to guarantee optimal performance and safety.


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