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Hastelloy C22 Flanges are components used in piping systems fabricated from the highly corrosion-resistant alloy Hastelloy C22. These flanges provide connection points between pipes, valves, or other equipment, facilitating easy assembly and disassembly while maintaining a secure and leak-free seal. Hastelloy C22 is renowned for its exceptional resistance to various corrosive environments, including oxidizing and reducing media. It makes C22 flanges ideal for use in industries such as chemical processing, oil and gas, and pharmaceuticals, where corrosion resistance is critical. Flanges made from Hastelloy C22 offer reliability, durability, and long service life in demanding applications.

Hastelloy C22 Flanges Specifications

StandardASTM B 622, B 619 / ASME SB 622, SB 619
StandardASTM, ASME and API
Size15 NB UP TO C22 NB IN SCH 5S, 10S,10, 20, 40S, 40, STD, 60, 80S, 80, XS, 100, 120, 140, 160 & XXS
LengthSingle Random, Double Random & Required Length, Cut Length
EndPlain End, Beveled End, Treaded

Hastelloy C22 Flanges Chemical Composition

Hastelloy C220.010 max0.50 max0.08 max2.5 max0.02 max2 – 612.5 – 14.5Bal20 – 22.50.02 max2.5 – 3.50.35 max

Hastelloy C22 Flanges Mechanical Properties

DensityMelting PointTensile StrengthYield Strength (0.2%Offset)Elongation
8.69 g/cm31399 °C (2550 °F)Psi – 1,00,000 , MPa – 690Psi – 45000 , MPa – 31045%

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Advantages of Hastelloy C22 Flanges

  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance: Hastelloy C22 flanges offer outstanding resistance to a wide range of corrosive environments, including oxidizing and reducing conditions, making them suitable for use in harsh chemical processing applications.

  • Resistance to Pitting and Crevice Corrosion: Hastelloy C22 flanges exhibit exceptional resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion, which are common forms of localized corrosion in chloride-containing environments.

  • High Temperature Stability: Hastelloy C22 flanges maintain their mechanical properties and corrosion resistance at high temperatures, making them suitable for use in elevated temperature applications such as chemical reactors and heat exchangers.

  • Versatility: Hastelloy C22 flanges are highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of industries, including chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, and pollution control.

  • Good Weldability: Hastelloy C22 flanges are easily weldable using common welding techniques, allowing for ease of fabrication and installation in various applications.

  • Low Risk of Stress Corrosion Cracking: Hastelloy C22 exhibits low susceptibility to stress corrosion cracking in harsh environments, providing long-term reliability and durability in critical applications.

  • Resistance to Chloride-Induced Corrosion: Hastelloy C22 flanges offer excellent resistance to chloride-induced corrosion, making them suitable for use in marine and offshore applications where exposure to seawater is a concern.

  • Longevity: Hastelloy C22 flanges have a long service life due to their superior corrosion resistance and durability, resulting in reduced maintenance and replacement costs over time.

  • Compliance with Industry Standards: Hastelloy C22 flanges meet various industry standards and specifications, ensuring quality, reliability, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Despite their premium properties, Hastelloy C22 flanges offer cost-effective solutions for corrosion-resistant applications, providing excellent value for long-term performance and reliability.

  • Versatility: These flanges are highly versatile and can be used across various industries such as chemical processing, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and more, due to their exceptional corrosion resistance.
  • High Temperature Stability: Hastelloy C22 flanges maintain their mechanical properties and corrosion resistance even at elevated temperatures, making them suitable for high-temperature applications.
  • Leak-Free Sealing: With proper installation, Hastelloy C22 flanges provide a reliable and leak-free seal, minimizing the risk of fluid or gas leakage in piping systems.
  • Durability: Hastelloy C22 flanges are highly durable and resistant to wear, erosion, and pitting, ensuring long-term reliability and minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for easy installation and removal, Hastelloy C22 flanges facilitate assembly and disassembly of piping systems, reducing downtime and labor costs.

Types of Hastelloy C22 Flanges

slip-on flanges
Hastelloy C22 Flanges Slip-On Flanges
Hastelloy C22 Flanges Weld Neck Flanges
Hastelloy C22 Flanges Blind Flanges
Hastelloy C22 Flanges Threaded Flanges
Hastelloy C22 Flanges Socket Weld Flanges
Hastelloy C22 Flanges Lap Joint Flanges

Hastelloy C22 Flanges, Hastelloy C22 Flanges Supplier in UAE, Hastelloy C22 Flanges Manufacturer in Dubai

Hastelloy C22 Flanges Uses

Application Industry

Hastelloy C22 Flanges applications are as diverse as the industries they serve driven primarily by the aerospace, railway, construction and automotive industries with petrochemical, nuclear, medical, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Nuclear, Thermal Power plants, Paper and Pulp, marine and mining, etc.

Oil & Gas Industry

Aviation Industry

Petro Chemical Industry

Power Generation Industry

  • Chemical Processing: Hastelloy C22 flanges are extensively used in chemical processing industries for connecting pipelines, reactors, and vessels handling corrosive chemicals such as acids, chlorides, and sulfuric compounds.
  • Oil and Gas: These flanges find applications in the oil and gas industry, including offshore drilling rigs, refineries, and chemical injection systems, where they connect pipelines and equipment exposed to corrosive environments.
  • Pharmaceutical: Hastelloy C22 flanges are utilized in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes where resistance to corrosive solvents and chemicals is critical for maintaining product purity and process integrity.
  • Pulp and Paper: In pulp and paper mills, Hastelloy C22 flanges are used for connecting pipelines and equipment in bleaching, pulp processing, and chemical recovery systems, where corrosion resistance is essential.
  • Waste Treatment: These flanges are employed in waste treatment facilities for connecting pipelines and equipment used in handling and processing corrosive waste streams, including acidic and alkaline solutions.

How to Choose the Right Hastelloy C22 Flanges

  • Corrosive Environment: Assess the specific chemicals and corrosive conditions the flanges will be exposed to, ensuring Hastelloy C22’s compatibility with the environment.
  • Temperature and Pressure Ratings: Consider the operating temperature and pressure requirements to select flanges that can withstand the intended conditions without compromising performance.
  • Size and Dimension: Choose flanges that match the pipe size and dimensions to ensure proper fit and alignment within the piping system.
  • Flange Type: Determine the appropriate flange type (e.g., slip-on, weld neck, socket weld) based on the application requirements and piping system design.
  • Standards and Specifications: Verify that the flanges meet relevant industry standards such as ASTM, ASME, and ANSI to ensure quality and compliance with regulations.

Does Hastelloy C22 Flanges Rust?

No, Hastelloy C22 flanges do not rust. Hastelloy C22 is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy renowned for its exceptional resistance to corrosion, including rust. Even when exposed to harsh environments containing acids, chlorides, and oxidizing agents, Hastelloy C22 maintains its corrosion resistance properties, making it an ideal material for use in corrosive applications. Therefore, Hastelloy C22 flanges are highly resistant to rust and other forms of corrosion, ensuring long-term reliability and performance in corrosive environments.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I maintain Hastelloy C22 Flanges?

Maintaining Hastelloy C22 flanges involves several key steps. Firstly, regularly inspect the flanges for signs of corrosion, damage, or leaks. Clean the flanges with mild detergent and water to remove any surface contaminants. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or tools that could scratch the surface. Periodically check the flange connections and gaskets for tightness and replace any damaged or worn components as needed. In corrosive environments, consider applying a protective coating or inhibitor to further enhance corrosion resistance. Finally, follow proper installation and handling procedures to minimize the risk of damage to the flanges. Regular maintenance and proactive measures can help prolong the service life of Hastelloy C22 flanges and ensure optimal performance in corrosive environments.

Can Hastelloy C22 Flanges be Welded?

Yes, Hastelloy C22 flanges can be welded using conventional welding techniques such as TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding, MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding, and SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding). However, it’s crucial to follow proper welding procedures and techniques to maintain the alloy’s corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. Pre-weld and post-weld heat treatments may be necessary to minimize the risk of weld-related issues such as sensitization and intergranular corrosion. Additionally, qualified welders with experience working with Hastelloy alloys should be employed to ensure successful welding and optimal performance of the flanges.

Are Hastelloy C22 Flanges Suitable for Cryogenic Applications?

Yes, Hastelloy C22 flanges are suitable for cryogenic applications. Hastelloy C22 is known for its exceptional resistance to a wide range of temperatures, including very low temperatures encountered in cryogenic environments. The alloy maintains its mechanical properties and corrosion resistance at cryogenic temperatures, making it suitable for use in applications such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage and transportation, cryogenic research, and aerospace applications. Hastelloy C22 flanges provide reliable performance and durability even in extreme cold conditions, making them a preferred choice for cryogenic applications where corrosion resistance and reliability are critical.

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