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Nickel 201 Tube Fittings Price in UAE, Nickel 201 Threaded Fittings, Nickel Alloy Buttweld Fittings in Sharjah

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Enhance your mechanical systems with our Nickel 201 tube fittings. Built for durability and corrosion resistance, they ensure high performance in extreme conditions. Trust us for the mouth:” reliable product, competitive pricing and fast delivery to make your operation successful.”

Nickel 201 Tube Fittings Specifications

Nickel 201 UNS N02201
Equivalent To
Nickel Alloy
1/8’’ to 2’’ and 3mm to 50mm
Union, Elbow, Hex Nipple, Elbow, Cap, Adapter, Tee etc
Delivery Condition
Inspection, Test Reports  
Mill Test Certificates, EN 10204 3.1, Chemical Reports, Mechanical Reports, PMI Test Reports, Visual Inspection Reports, Third Party Inspection Reports, NABL Approved Lab Reports, Destructive Test Report, Non Destructive Test Reports

Nickel 201 Tube Fittings Mechanical Properties

Grade Nickel 201
Density 8.9 g/cm3
Melting Point 1446 °C (2635 °F)
Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Psi – 21500 , MPa – 148
Tensile Strength Psi – 67000 , MPa – 462
Elongation 45 %

Nickel 201 Tube Fittings Chemical Composition

Grade Nickel 201
Ni Balance
C 0.15 max
Mn 0.35 max
Si 0.35 max
Fe 0.40 max
S 0.01 max
Cu 0.25 max

Top Nickel 201 Tube Fittings Manufacturing Company in Dubai

At PipingMart, we take pride in being the largest supplier and manufacturer in the UAE, offering cutting-edge solutions for all your piping needs. With state-of-the-art production plants strategically located in the UAE, we boast a vast inventory of over 25,000 tons of premium-quality materials readily available in stock.

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We offer These Nickel 201 Tube Fittings as per DIN, ISO, JIS or ANSI Standard.

Advantages of Nickel 201 Tube Fittings

Nickel 201 Tube Fittings​
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance: Nickel 201 tube fittings offer superior resistance to a wide range of corrosive environments, including acids and alkalis, making them ideal for demanding industrial applications.
  • High Thermal Conductivity: These fittings provide excellent thermal conductivity, ensuring efficient heat transfer in high-temperature applications.
  • Low Carbon Content: The low carbon content in Nickel 201 reduces the risk of carbide precipitation during welding, maintaining the integrity and performance of the fittings.
  • Durability: Nickel 201 tube fittings are highly durable, capable of withstanding harsh conditions and reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacements.
  • Versatility: These fittings are versatile and suitable for various industries, including chemical processing, petrochemical, and power generation, due to their robust performance and adaptability.

Types of Nickel 201 Tube Fittings

Nickel 201 Tube Fittings in UAE
Nickel 201 Tube Fittings
ASME SB366 Nickel 201 Pipe Bend
Nickel 201 Buttweld Tube Fittings in UAE
Nickel 201 Buttweld Tube Fittings
Nickel 201 Welded Tube Fittings in UAE
Nickel 201 Welded Tube Fittings
ANSI Nickel 201 Tube Fittings
Stainless Steel UNS N02201 Tube Elbow in UAE
Stainless Steel UNS N02201 Tube Elbow

Application Industry

Oil & Gas Industry

Automotive Industry

Petro Chemical Industry

Power Generation Industry

Are Nickel 201 Tube Fittings Recyclable?

Yes, Nickel 201 tube fittings are recyclable, contributing to sustainability efforts by being melted down and repurposed without loss of quality or properties.

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